With Pluses and Minuses


2013, 16mm, 5:00

"This morning the window blew its glass onto my face. Real morning with pluses and minuses (my symbols for truth)"

A ground-less and boundless 16mm film in which a wall becomes a window to a swirling landscape.

"...Stoltz shakes and dislocates audio and image with volume and pitch variations, editing the 16mm film in camera, varying the focus and the shot length of every frame, shifting background and foreground, turning and spinning the camera hand-held positions, and allowing sequences of black that punctuate the image’s algorithms. The filmmaker’s dance transforms abstraction into personal experience. He is an active agent of the surrounding world, and of the opportunities that open and close before us."
-Mónica Savirón, LUMIÈRE Fall 2013

2014 Ann Arbor Film Festival
2014 Hong Kong International Film Festival - Avant Garde Program
2014 Edinburgh International Film Festival - Sonic Spaces
2014 Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independente
2014 Australian International Experimental Film Festival
2014 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival
2014 Sight Unseen Cinema, Baltimore, MD
2013 New York Film Festival - Views From the Avant-Garde
2013 DINCA Vision Quest
2013 Magic Lantern Cinema
2013 Balagan Cinema, Boston MA
2013 Machine Project