Ten Notes on a Summer’s Day


2012, HD, 4:30
Featuring Sílvia Das Fadas

"...The camera in Ten Notes on a Summer's Day fixes on a young woman standing against a painted blue wall, the sun partially lighting her face, the sound of distant traffic in the background. Offscreen, a guitarist plucks single notes, and the woman hums along. When the music falls outside of her vocal range, she switches to a lower octave, her mouth turned up in a small grin. Later, she frowns slightly, seemingly unable to find her note. Gradually her confidence builds and her smile returns, though her humming is no longer anywhere close to the guitar’s pitch. Ten Notes is a marvel; it’s as unhurried and refreshing as this woman’s singing, which, though off-key, produces an unexpected harmony, a little song discovered in the process of its own making."
-Genevieve Yue, Reverse Shot Issue 33

2014 Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independente
2014 Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival
2014 Chicago Underground Film Festival
2013 New York Film Festival - Views From the Avant Garde
2013 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival - Jury Prize Award